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Chcesz wypromować swoją stronę internetową?
Chcesz mieć bezpłatne wyświetlenia strony?
Czy chcesz, aby Twoja witryna odwiedzała więcej osób?
Usługa reklamowa służąca do promowania stron internetowych i wymiany ruchu.
W 100% BEZPŁATNA rejestracja i prowadzenie konta!
Brak limitu stron internetowych.
- Darmowe punkty na start
- Odsłony w autosurfingu,
- Odsłony ze źródeł wewnętrznych w postaci linków PTP,
- Ręczne wprowadzanie PTC,
Metody zdobywania punktów:
Surfowanie 10 sekund / 0,5 punktu
- ptc 50 pkt
- ptp 0,5 punktu / 10 sekund
- 100% z poleconych
Konkurs aktywności Top10
Konkurs polecający
Zdobądź dodatkowe punkty, publikując link ptp na swojej stronie internetowej, mediach społecznościowych, forum, blogu itp. Po prostu skopiuj i wklej link ptp.

AutoSurf Traffic Exchange
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Re: TurboXtraffic

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Szybko wyświetlenia się nabija :ugeek: warte uwagi :arrow:
:arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

AutoSurf Traffic Exchange
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Re: TurboXtraffic

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No web page limit.
Free points to start Ways of advertising:
- Pageviews in autosurf,
- Views from internal sources in the form of PTP links,
- Manual PTC inputs,
- Banner display in rotator.

Methods of earning points:
Surf 10 seconds / 0.5 points
- ptc ptc 50 pt
- ptp 0.5 points / 10 seconds
- 100% of referrals
- paid jobs (currently 10 jobs with 1000 points each)
(Re-enter with the same IP will be credited after 10 seconds)

Top10 activity contest

Paid clippings in the banner
Pay per click is a cheap and effective promotion of your website. Your banner will appear in the CLICK (PTC) section available to users after logging in to our program. The preferred banner size is 468px by 60px or smaller. The user who goes to the site must stay on it for a certain time then he will receive bonuses. Each user can visit your site once every 24 hours, and each subsequent entry will not be included in the statistics. The greater the value of the ad, the greater the time limit, the user's interest, and the number of page views per day.
impressions in autosurf / PTP

Your page will be displayed in our autosurf / PTP ( Paid-to-Promote ). The pageviewGBwhatsapp time is at least 10 seconds, and the amount of daily impressions is unlimited.
Banner Impression
Banner rotation, your banner in our rotator on the page. Cheap and effective advertising, looking at the price. The banner rotator is visible on most subpages of your site, ie your banner too.
Impression link
Link to the site, put your link (up to 50 characters) on the left side of the site, until you reach the right number of inputs.
Internet Marketing - a form of marketing that uses the Internet and World Wide Web pages as a medium. It is used to send marketing information and acquire customers. Remember that the important thing is Search Engine Optimization. Processes aimed at achieving by a given website the highest possible position in the results of organic search engines for selected keywords and phrases. The positioning process is an element of broadly understood internet marketing. Positioning is based on the constant learning of the mechanisms governing search engines and adapting website codes to the current search engine algorithms in order to improve the position of a given website on the result list.
Alexa Internet - American company controlled by Amazon. Owner of an Alexa site that provides information on web traffic on websites and ranks of the most popular sites for the last month. The company was founded on April 1, 1996, and three years later Amazon took control of it. The Alexa search engine is equipped with a web crawler that indexes over 4.5 billion pages. It also has a website directory.

AutoSurf Traffic Exchange
AutoSurf Traffic Exchange

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